All Scenes effected by change in one scene


I am working in Sketchup and I turn off a layer or cut a section cut and it updates all my scenes.


Hiding a layer should not change any existing scenes. Do you mean you are deleting it or hide it? Making new sections shouldn’t affect any existing scenes either but moving a section affects all scenes referencing that section.

Hi, thanks for the quick e response.

I know - that is what is driving me mad - it shouldn’t but it is. All that is different about the scenes is the Scenes - if I activate a section in one scene it activates in all my existing scenes. If I hide a layer in one scene it hides in all my scenes.

Any idea what is wrong?

I have even been into the other scenes and tried turning off the section and updating that section it then undoes the section in the other layer I want it on.

Help please

Check in the Scene inspector that visble layers and section cuts are actually saved to the scenes.

Look to see if the tick boxes at the bottom of the Scenes window are ticked on. If they are unticked, the properties won’t be saved as part of the scene meaning that changes you make to those properties as you move forward will show up in all of the scenes. Most of the time you’ll probably want all of the properties ticked for saving.

Style controls visibility of section cuts.
Style is a saved property of a Scene.

My guess is you’re creating or updating Scenes without first saving changes made to the Style.

The Style that is saved with a Scene ultimately controls how the model is rendered in that Scene.
However, the way an active model is rendered onscreen is contingent upon two factors…
…the active Style and any temporary unsaved changes one may have made to that Style.

When a Scene is created the only Style properties that are saved are those of the active Style.
Any unsaved changes one has made to the active Style are not saved with the Scene.

Before creating or updating a Scene, consult the Styles Browser.
If unsaved changes have been made to the active Style you’ll see update arrows superimposed upon the style thumbnail image.

If you want two Scenes:
• One Scene with section cuts visible
• One Scene with section cuts not visible

Then you must create two Styles:
• One Style with section cuts visible
• One Style with section cuts not visible.

thank-you Dave R - all sorted - I knew there was something simple that I was missing.

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