Scenes changed with out me knowing it

I was using scenes for the first time so i could create pages in layout. while creating the first 12 or so scenes i kept going back making sure everything was working which it was so i moved on not checking and finished what i was doing with 120 scenes. I then went back to scene 1 to find that the scenes have changed with added layers that i did not add intentionally. it basically dominoed through all my scenes and i have no idea how this happened. does anybody know how this could have happened and how i could reverse by taking away the layers that are now in the scenes that i don’t want with out going back through each scene fixing them?

If you add a new layer, it will be visible in all scenes by default. The plugin “add hidden layer” adds the option to control the visibility for new layers. To change this in your case after the creation, you can have a look at VisMap.

If at some point you add a layer, it will be visible in all scenes that have layers saved.
This is the way SketchUp adds layers, … unless you use a plugin ‘Add-Hidden-Layer.rb’ to add layers or a layer manageing plugin.
See this thread: Add Hidden Layer

ok so you guys are right. I noticed when i went back through the scenes the parts that were added were parts that i had to add layers after i started the scenes because they were missing in layers. so i am trying to understand now that i have to run a plugin in order to go back and update scenes with the parts showing up in the other scenes. is there any other way to add the part to layers and then update the scene with out it going to all the prior scenes. hope i am making sense.

The Add Hidden Layer plugin is used to make a new layer that will hidden in all existing scene tabs and new scene tabs you make later on, except for the current one, and unless you intentionally add it ON in a new scene tab.

To get your layers set up as you want you simply have to click on each scene-tab in turn and use the Layer Manager dialog to switch unwanted layers OFF; or wanted ones ON, if they are not.
When that scene’s layers are as you wish use the context-menu on the scene-tab to Update it.
Click on the next scene-tab and repeat until you are done…

Using the plugin is only effective for adding a new ON layer to a single scene-tab - it will not be added to any other scene-tabs ON-layer list, etc, unless you manually do that later on.

Links to Jim Foltz’s latest version, which allows you to decide how a new OR existing layer will be considered - ON/OFF in selected/new/existing scenes etc…
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