Multiple scene model

Say I’ve made a model with 20 scenes, each with groups that are unique to that scene, assigned to layers.
Then I add a new group to the model, assigning it to its own layer.
Now I find that group present in every scene!
I’ve been opening every scene, one at a time, deselecting the new group, updating the scene, then proceeding to the next 19.
Is there a shorter way?

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Use the Add Hidden Layer plugin (by Jim Foltz) tot add… hidden Layer.

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There are plugins that can create layers that are only active in the current scene.

I use layers panel for that and more.

Before create the scenes, I create several layers, all off. That way, if I create a new object, I put it in one of those layers and it will be off in all the scenes, just calling the scene that I choose.
Now, I’ll look for the plugin quoted above.

Hidden layer plugin is integrated within layers panel but with LP ypu can manage layers more easily if ypu make a mistake

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for adding hidden layers

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I like the idea of not using a plug-in (I’ve had difficulties with plug-ins).
So I tried this method:

  • I created a new layer named ‘test’ and turned it off
  • I added a cube to my model and assigned it to the ‘test’ layer
  • Then I opened other scenes, and the cube was in all scenes, with the ‘test’ layer turned on.
    Have I done something wrong Rodolfo ST?

It’s a question of ordering. If you create the scenes first, the layer is added to all of them and visible on all of them. Subsequently turning visibility off affects only the current scene. If you have one scene and create then hide the layer there, the hidden state will be duplicated when you add more scenes.

You must create the layers off before you start creating the scenes. This should be thought of before starting your next project.
Now that you have the scenes saved, this method I quoted does not work.

also “Auto-invisible layer” plugin works for this.

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Thank you all for your input!

I used to struggle with this all the time. ‘Auto-Invisible Layer’ is the way to go. All the native methods are too easy to forget / mess up.

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I’ve downloaded Auto-Invisible Layer and look forward to it saving me from tedium.
Thanks all.

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Auto-Invisible Layer is indeed a really useful tool. It works just as described. However, as always, it is subject to user error. I can’t tell you how many times I forgot to turn it on until I changed scenes and found new parts on old scenes, very frustrating. But, if you remember to turn it on when you open SketchUp it will be a big help. Does anyone know of a way to turn on an extension when SU starts up, it sure would be helpful for those of us who don’t remember to turn it on until it is too late.

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