Scene Management, brainstorm adding an object default hidden?



Ok Sketchup braintrust… I have been stewing on this one for a while as it often comes up for me. I’m trying to think up a trick for it but so far no dice.
Let’s say I have 20 scenes all hiding and unhiding 10 separate components in the view, in different combinations. Now, I want to add an 11th object to be seen only in scene 1. If I simply model my new object in position, I will have to actively hide it and update it in every scene 2-20. I usually control visibility with layers, but the problem remains if I make a new layer for the new object, it is by default made visible in every scene. What I really want is a way to add a layer, then ask for that layer to be invisible by default in every scene, then I would only “show” in a given scene , and update that 1 scene.

My current workaround has been to make 10 unused empty layers at the start of a new model, turn their visibility off and leave them alone so that these extra layers get recorded into all scenes in the “off” position, then in a pinch I can grab one and model into it for a default off layer. But once I’ve used up the extra layers I’m out of luck, and often I need more than I anticipated.

Any ideas on a more elegant solution… Thanks.


There is actually feature for this, but it is not yet exposed in the native GUI.

See the ruby method here: Layer.page_behavior=

(There might already be a plugin out there that adds some choices to the menus for settings page behaviors for layers.)

Close Layer in all scene at once

There’s a plugin to add a layer that can be hidden on all scenes except the current one. Not on my computer, but it’s some thing like Add Layer from SketchUcation.


Ah ha! yes it is one of Jim’s:


Big thanks to Dan the Man and @john_mcclenahan, add layer absolutely does the trick.


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