Adding a new layer after creating scenes adds the new layer to all existing scenes


When you create a new layer, that layer is automatically turned on in all existing scenes, requiring you to go back and update all scenes already created. It seems like new layers should be automatically turned off in existing scenes, because if you had wanted that layer in that scene, you would have created it and put it in the Scene in the first place. I can’t see any scenario where this setting makes sense.


While not disagreeing with your basic point, it has been that way for a long time and there are numerous layers management plugins available that let you add layers with more control over which scenes they are visible on. As a result, I doubt this request will get traction.


Add Hidden Layer … SketchUp plugin by Jim Foltz



This was just published on the EWH

I hope this helps



I agree. I think this should be a feature of ordinary Sketchup Pro. I would like to support this as a feature request.


In my modeling, I’ve yet to exploit scenes or styles, but from following the forums, I’ve read quite a bit. What seems most reasonable to me when you have multiple scenes and add a layer is:
If the scene/style - when updated - preserves layers, then newly added layers - when added from other scenes - should be hidden.
If the scene/style - when updated - doesn’t preserve layers, then newly added layers should be visible.


This is a long-standing and frequently-repeated FR. I suspect that Trimble gives it low priority because there are multiple extensions available that handle these issues pretty well…of course, that doesn’t say that a better built-in tool wouldn’t be nice, it only means they have lots of other stuff they will do first.


Very useful. I am a beginner and have been tormented by this issue—especially when editing someone else’s model with many Scenes. Add a new component, it shows up on every scene. Try to put that component on a new layer, it still shows up on every scene. Fixing each scene is a senseless use of time.

I used Jim Foltz’ extension, mentioned above. Works great. Thanks.

From what I’ve “seen” this is not addressed in any Trimble documentation. Perhaps it should be. One sentence would have saved me at least two hours of head scratching.


i agree this should just be a native feature in SU without requiring the use of an extension. SU is always trying to promote using native tools so having this as a standard feature would be extremely helpful and wouldn’t require the use of an extension.