How to turn off layer in many scenes quickly?


I have a model with many scenes (34 in this model). I created a new layer that I wanted in a new scene. That layer is now visible in all scenes, but I just want it visible in one scene. To fix that I have to go to each scene, select layers, turn that one off, and update the scene. Is there any way to turn off a layer in all scenes (or a selected set of scenes) quickly?


There are layer management extensions and plugins that can do what you want. Search either the Extension Warehouse or SketchUcation plugin store.


You should add (hidden) layers by using this plugin:
before making it visible in one or several scenes.

Also read about scenes and layers in this thread:


I emailed a reply but it doesn’t look like it arrived. My reply:
Yes, I know that is what I should do. I just often forget to do it and after I’ve added the layer it is too late.
Also, I recently made some changes in which layers I want visible (not adding a new layer) and I’d like to turn off a layer in many scenes. But in this case I probably don’t want to turn off in all scenes, just some.

I’ll check the thread you suggested.