Help? How to show/hide "new layers" in "existing scenes"

I’m looking for a way to show/hide new layers on existing scenes.
One has 100 layers varied visible in 200 scenes.
Now there is an unexpected need to add one (or more) layer(s) varied visible in just some of the existing scenes.
It’s a PITA (excuse my language) to edit and update (for exsample) 190 scenes so this new layer won’t show in these 195 scenes (at this moment).
Does anyone have “the egg of columbus”/easy way to fix this?
Maybe i have overlooked the feature for this?

There is an extension that will add a new layer set to off, so you can turn it on in only the ones you want. Can’t think of the name just now. Something like Add hidden layer.

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@Box @dezmo
Thanks to both of you for the suggestion!
I just found “Auto-Invisible Layer” extension in the extension warehouse.
This is going to be widely used!

By the way, Layer Manager from Lasu Apps also has auch a function.

Thanks for the suggestion!
I’ll try look into this feature as well.