New layers and Scenes

I am working with SU 2015 on a Mac PowerBookPro (OS 10.9.5)

I have a SU model with about 35 layers and 25 different scenes. Every time I add a new layer, it shows up as visible on ALL of the 25 scenes and I have to go back through them all and make that layer invisible on all scenes that I do not want it to show on. A LOT of manual work.

Is there any way to make INVISIBLE a default for new layers?

Or some other way to easily control which layers appears on which scenes?

Hi mpk1119, hi folks.

Make the new layer invisible.

Open the Scenes Manager. Select all scenes then Update the selected scenes. This will update all selected scenes which happens to be all of them, in only one operation.

Normally, the new layer shall be invisible on all scenes. Then make it visible in only the scene or scenes that you need.

Just ideas.


Sounds like you are searching for Jims Add Layer plugin.

Hi Jean

I don’t think that will work. If you choose all scenes and update the “layers” of all of them at the same time, you will not only change the one layer you want to make invisible, you will also make ALL the layers of ALL the scenes exactly the same. I did that once many years ago and ruined a whole lot of work that way.