Scene pop up notes

Hi All, I use scenes to present designs like a slideshow, It would be very useful to have an associated text pop up panel like a movie subtitle box , flat on the screen to describe whats visible in the scene, this pop up text would be editable for each scene or repeats for groups of scenes. Ideally re-positionable andre-sizable in a box with or without a blank background. Any thoughts? Thanks all

You could do that with LayOut and add whatever text you want. Then use the Presentation feature in LayOut when you present.

Ok thanks, never used Layout, will try it. Would be convenient as a plugin while creatinng scenes

The text would look better in LayOut than in SketchUp and there’s much better control over formatting the text there. Create separate layers for the text boxes and the SketchUp model viewports. Make sure the Text layer is above the Viewport layer in the Layers list. After you set up the first page you can duplicate the page, change the scene for the viewport and edit the text box if needed. You can change the fill for the text boxes as needed for each page. Other nice things about doing this sort of thing in LayOut is that you can export a PDF document of all the pages if you need it and during the presentation you can do markup on the screen if you need to make notes for changes. You can have more than one viewport on a page if that makes sense for the project. You can create a cover page if you want and add things like titleblock text, a logo, page numbers, tables, or images

If what you do is a common thing that always has the same look you could create a template in LayOut using a proxy SketchUp file to create the viewports. You could also create a proxy .xlsx file to use to file the text boxes with each text box referencing a different cell in the spreadsheet. Then you would relink the proxy files to the ones related to the project. You might need to adjust the size of the text boxes or change the fill color/opacity to suit the project but once you have the template set up the work for each project would be minimal.

Thanks for taking the time to respond in detail, I understand the function of Layout etc, its great for issueing drawings and presenting things. However what I wish to do when sharing the SKP file (only) with others in a team is to have that ‘subtiitle’ facility without using Layout as a very quick facility for describing that scene only while developing and sharing a project - not for presentation (thats later)

@quive My Suggestion is to create Tags or 3D Text, set into a specific tag/layers for each scene. Then once you set your scene turn them off and save the scene accordingly. It should solve your problem. The text/tag will be related to each scene and it’s quick.

THanks for your reply, If I understand you correctly, you are suggesting 3d text in the model itself on its own layer. like writing on the wall of an object in the scene. If so I have already been doing that and unfortunately 3d text is not editable and it gets laborious later when adding scenes and managing visibility. Simply renaming the scene works but that doesnt allow much text.

Yes, exactly. or you can use text tool:

with the same tags process and you can scale the text and make it bigger, changing colors and font. Hope it helps.

Thanks again, these are all work arounds but this is what I’d really like as a plugin

there are a few extensions that do that
for example this one

the [Plugin] Title block from title v1.2 seems to be a title block generator that is the same on every ‘scene’
What im looking for is a way of putting a different memo on each scene, interesting though :thinking:

this one enable to show different texts in the sketchup screen

but no sketchup scenes, or pages: the plugin opens a special window to change the text shown in sketchup window

this one is similar

if you want to avoid the additional window, and have a comment by scene, you have this plugin
you add a comment and then set it visible only in one scene

Thanks Georges
T2H_Annotator works great, thanks!