Adding text to a scene


Hi, i’m new to sketchup. I’ve completed all my scenes for a particular building, but i want to add text which pops up at each scene. I’ve tried everything that I can see but i can’t seem to figure it out. Can someone please assist me. Thanks a lot!

Is there a screen text method?

Yes it’s a closely guarded secret!

Add a layer that is specific to each scene that you wish to “label”.
Ex: “Scene 1 Label”, “Scene 2 Label”, etc.
(If you already have layers that each scene has, and no others do… then you can use those.)

Make sure each scene is updated with it’s “label” layer on, and those for other scenes off.

Now to create each label, make the appropriate layer for the current scene the active layer. Then choose the Text callout tool.

The secret is that if you do not point to an object, the tool will create a “view based model note”. It’s as if you attached it to the viewport.

So click somewhere on empty whitespace, and you’ll see the editbox appear. Type your scene note.

Notice that you can change the camera, ie zoom or orbit, and the note stays fixed to the viewport.

Switch to another scene, and make it’s “label” layer the active layer. Repeat the view based text note creation.

Is there a screen text method?