Scene not retains the saved or updated view


I have multiple scenes, when i zoomed in a particular scene, the scene updates automatically to the zoomed position. i don’t retain the saved view. so every time i zoom a scene, i have to again set the scene to the previous position.

Any help please.

From your description it sounds like you’ve turned off Camera Location in the Properties to Save for scenes. Turn it on again. Also make sure it’s turned on for Properties to Update, too.
Screenshot - 7_12_2021 , 12_28_57 PM

Screenshot - 7_12_2021 , 12_29_14 PM

Thanks. But it is turned on only on both the areas ( Scene Update and scene properties)

12.07.21.skp (885.9 KB)

Attaching the file here too.

Do you have some extension installed that might be overriding the scene properties? I’m not having any problem with creating new scenes or updating the existing ones in your file.

You’ve set up a camera using Advanced Camera Tools. Go to Advanced Camera Tools and reset the camera for each scene.

Thanks. But see the Scene 5 transition after zoomed in. The zoom has got updated. But the initial scene 5 was different .This is the problem i am facing.

Reset the camera for Scene 5 (and the other scenes in the model) in Advanced Camera Tools, set up the camera where you want it and update the scenes.

Ok.but resetting also not helping

After resetting the camera and updating each of the scenes, there’s no problem here. It works as expected.

Ok. Thanks, will try