Scene keeps re-enabling an unwanted layer despite my unchecking it and updating/saving the scene properly

Hi, I’ve got a scene in my SU 2018 model that a layer keeps getting re-enabled, despite my thorough efforts to properly update the scene without the layer.

Here’s what I did:

  • Create a new scene (all scene options checked)
  • Setup the scene, which includes just 2 layers
  • Update the scene, keeping all options checked
  • Scene looks good!
  • I click to view some scenes adjacent in my list of scenes, and return to the new scene I created
  • The scene looks ok
  • BUT, if I click some of the other scenes, then return to my new scene, one particular layer I don’t want is enabled. Whaaaa??

Really banging my head against a wall.

Happy to PM the file to someone. Thanks for any assistance.

How about uploading the SKP file so we can see it?

Cool. Looks like it’s too big to upload directly.

Dropbox link:

The scene is “Foundation” - it should only have “Old Foundation” and “New Foundation” layers enabled.

If I click between that one and any of the scenes that start with “Plan - …” and return to “Foundation” then the “Old Walls” layer is re-enabled.

Thanks for taking a look.

You had the Old Walls layer selected. You can’t hide the current layer.


One thing is clear. You are using layers incorrectly. You have geometry on layers other than Layer 0 which is where ALL faces and edges should be created and remain.

@McGordon - When I create the scene, “Old Walls” isn’t active/selected. It just re-appears as the selected layer after clicking around only through a subset of the scenes.

Oh no. Oh man.

I’m that guy. I hate being that guy. I’ll need to go fix this sucker…

Still an interesting case though?

Clicking on scenes won’t change the active layer.

That might be true, I can upload you a screencast of that exact thing happening.

I put all the geometry on Layer 0 where it belongs. Try again.

V3 addition (2.4 MB)

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If you don’t mind, I’d be interested to see that. I set Layer0 as active then I clicked on every one of your scenes and the active layer stayed at Layer0.

I have a dumb question on this topic:

I draw my geometry and set that geometry to another layer to control visibility. When I click on the Entity for it shows the layer that I assigned it to for controlling visibility. How do you tell that it was originally drawn on Layer0?

Sure @McGordon -->

Though it should be noted… since @DaveR moved all the geometry to Layer0, the problem I originally reported is solved. Thanks, @DaveR!

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Thanks, I see what you mean now.
If you have a layer active then switch to a scene where that layer is hidden, SketchUp does change your active layer to a visible one. OK, I was wrong about it never changing.
When you leave Layer0 active you won’t see this happening.

You should be leaving edge and face entities on Layer 0. ONLY groups and components should get other layer associations. The edges and faces should remain on Layer 0.

If someone isn’t leaving Layer 0 active like they should be, you can’t tell where the geometry which layer was active when it was created. It’s pretty easy to figure out that the user isn’t using layers correctly when they start reporting things like the OP did.

Thanks - I understand and think I am doing it correctly. I just wanted to double check. However, I do have an additional question in that area.

The last thing I usually do in a lot of my drawings is set the Dimensions (text and lines) as well as some text and lines drawing with TIG’s 2D Tools on a layer called Text. Is that a problem? There are no edges or faces involved with these.

No. There’s no problem putting text and dimensions on a different layer. If you make the Text layer active for that, just remember to reset Layer 0 as active before you’re done.

The beauty of leaving Layer 0 active at all times is that there’s no need to chase active layers as you’re working around the model. It’s much easier to manage and less likely to cause confusion and delay.

Most generally I move the text and dimensions to those layers as the last step. In fact, my normal process is to save all of the layer assigning as the last process or when I am doing scene stuff and to to adjust the visibility.

Thanks for answering my silly questions.

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