Creating Scene with selected layers


When I create a scene with selected layers only SketchUp does not remember the ‘selected’ layers only but will show other layers also. Say - Scene 1 with Layer 1 only, and Scene 2 with Layer 2 only selected. As soon as I want to view Scene 2, layer 1 is also displayed.


I believe you might not updated the scene after the layer changes,(right click the scene tab, select update)


I do update the scene but it still view as above.


Share the SKP file so we can see how you’ve got everything set up.


Scenes don’t remember the active layer, only layer visibility.

However, you shouldn’t really ever change the active layer. Layers in SketchUp aren’t separate containers. A face on one layer can be bound by a face on another which easily produces unexpected results when moving objects while having some layers hidden. The recommended workflow is to always have Layer0 selected and draw all loose geometry (faces and edges) on that layer. Groups and components (which unlike layers can be nested) are used to divide geometry into logical chunks and then layers can be applied to the groups and components from Entity Info.


Hi Julia.
Thanks for your clear explanation as above. It did help me understand SketchUp layer and Scene much better. I’ve noticed that there is quite a difference between Cad & SketchUp when using layers and Scenes. I followed your advice to start in Layer 0 and then applied layers. All seem to be working fine now.