Scanned hand drawing quality


A customer sent me a scanned, hand drawn plan that he drew in pencil. This scan originally looked fairly clean.

I opened the scan in AutoCad, converted it to .dxf, then imported into Sketchup, created scene, then sent to Layout. I then inserted drawing into his title block template.

He then had it printed and said the quality was not good and very pixelated.

Is there a step I’m missing to be able to retain the original quality of his scan?

Thank you

Is the Output quality in LayOut set to High?

I would rather think that you are using too many steps. Why don’t you import the scanned image directly into LayOut? What did the DXF conversion do? Did you use some kind of raster to vector function to get pixels into lines?

Thanks I’ll try that. I was on auto-pilot thinking this was the method to convert pdf to dxf before bringing into SketchUp.

But since I’m only pasting his hand drawing into a template and not tracing it, it seems I am doing too many steps. Will get back to you on my findings. Thanks!

Yes output set to high.

To further explain my original method: I opened in AutoCad then sent to SU in order to scale the drawing correctly. This was probably an unnecessary step.

And if scanned PDF was sent directly from printer then the scale should be correct as it’s just a copy of the drawing.

Customer will print and check quality and scale in the morning. Thank you.


91LaverneLO 82219.pdf (1.7 MB)


91LavernLOtest.pdf (592.2 KB)

Definitely better quality. Thanks for the help Anssi.

Make sure that the viewport render mode is set to Vector in LayOut.

Select the viewport so it is highlighted, then in the lower-right of the SketchUpModel panel, choose Vector to render the view.


Selections are greyed out, I think because I skipped a step and inserted scan directly into LO - bypassing creating a view in SU then sending to LO

Here is the LO file in case you would like to review.

91LavernLOtest.layout (800.3 KB)

Ah, okay, the makes sense. It isn’t a viewport into a SketchUp model anymore.