Mala calidad

Cuando exporto de Sketch up a Lay out, el modelo se ve en mala calidad, es decir las lineas salen pixeladas, y para imprimir sale igual de mal.

You are seeing the effect of a raster render in Layout, the default because performance is much higher. After sending the model to Layout, change the mode in Layout to vector.

uo! thanks,
But how can I do that?

Select the viewport in LayOut and then look at the SketchUp Model panel. You will see a selector to choose the render method (raster, vector, hybrid).

  • raster means the model’s image is drawn like a pixel-based image
  • vector means the model’s edges are drawn scalable, like in a PDF
  • hybrid means that things that have a vector representation, such as edges, are drawn vector while things that don’t, such as textures and sketchy styled edges, are drawn raster.

You should also check what the quality settings in Document Setup>Paper say. I always keep my Display Quality at the Low setting to get better performance, but I set my Export quality to High to get 300 DPI images in my exported PDF files.