Poor quality when exporting

When I export from Sketch up to Lay out, the model looks in poor quality, that is, the lines come out pixelated, and to print it comes out just as bad.

When the model is first displayed in LayOut it is rendered as Raster. You can change that to Vector or Hybrid if you need vector line work. The raster viewports will often be fine and they tend to cause less of a performance hit so it can be faster to work with them. Then when you are ready to export you can change the render type to one of the more resource intensive options.

You can change the viewport rendering in the SketchUp Model panel while the viewport is selected.

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You should spend some time going through the LayOut Essentials

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Thanks for posting this…I had wondered at that issue for awhile but never researched the why due to project time restraints. Thanks DaveR for the answer, easy to implement…same with the advice to study Layout Essentials.

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