How to preserve sharpness after sending to Layout

I saved a landscape design and of course I can zoom in and everything is still sharp and clear in Sketchup, but when I export to Layout and zoom in it’s as though I’m looking at a screenshot. Everything is jagged and blurred. I selected Maximum Texture Size in Settings > OpenGL. Is there any other way to export a 2D drawing and maintain sharpness?

Change from Raster to Vector or Hybrid.

First try changing Output quality in LayOut to High. To see what it looks like you can change Edit Quality to High too, but it slows LayOut down, not as much as using Hybrid or Vector, though.

Check out this video that explains the way LayOut ‘previews’ lines vs how it exports…both Raster compared to Vector - The REAL Way to Optimize LayOut Exports - YouTube

For visualisations, I often take a screenshot from SketchUp - save it as a PNG and import the PNG straight into Layout. The result is a very clear image, but obviously no good if you want to add dimensions.