Print quality issues AutoCAD to Layout

Hello friends!

  1. I’m working with a landscape design build company and they provided me with Topo Survey AutoCad file to add some details
  2. I have imported the AutoCad file into Sketchup and added some 2D details
  3. Details include: contours, a rock wall and windows and a door
  4. I printed out the original topo survery 24x36 and all lines are very clean.
  5. In printing out the file with my additions from Layout PDF much of the line work is very jagged and somewhat pix-elated.
  6. I understand I can update the original AutoCAd topo survery file with my details and print, but company will eventually like to see 3d rendering of some site detail, so I imported AutoCAD to Sketchup, created Scene, sent to layout, printed and quality is poor.

Would anyone have any tips on how to improve line quality? Thx a million.

Usually by default the viewport that is created in LayOut is set to Raster rendering when it comes in from SketchUp. It may be a case that you simply need to change the viewport to be rendered as Vector.

To do this, left click (select) the viewport, then from the “SketchUp Model” window in the tray in LayOut, select Vector rendering from the drop down in the right bottom corner. I would suggest exporting a PDF from LayOut and printing that rather than printing straight from LayOut for best results in my opinion.

Note that Vector rendering will not render any textures you have applied in the model, but the other option Hybrid will however.

Be sure not to double click the LayOut viewport to make the scene show as “modified” in the SU model window, as this disconnects the link to the model. If you need to change the scene, do that in SU, save the file, then back in LayOut right click the viewport and select “update model reference”. Your viewport will be updated with the changes.

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Also, setting your Output resolution to High in LayOut can help with getting cleaner prints or exports from Raster rendered viewports.


Thanks, this method worked perfectly with great resolution. Job printed and dropped to customer!


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Thanks for the response Anssi. Will try your method to see the difference.