Scaling settings - why does it snap to 1% increments?

Am I missing something here?

Most noticeable when working on small-scale objects like furniture, or, on large-scale aerial maps…

Scaling an object keeps wanting to snap to 0.01 increments.
It also doesn’t snap to faces, only edges.

Is there a reason for this? Graphics performance perhaps?

I generally find it annoying and error-causing.

Large-scale aerials need to be adjusted in fine increments when aligning pixels to edges. Sometimes +/- 0.01x can be many metres in difference.

In small-scale models, accuracy is required when adjusting lengths, and snapping to other objects/faces is important (it could be a pipe or a piece of timber).

Snapping to 0.01 increments doesn’t seem to make much sense to me in any context.

Similar logic I suppose to why many users turn off length snapping,… Why doesn’t length snapping Off also = scale snapping off?

In my opinion moving a scale by mouse movement can not be precise enough (at least my hand is not that so precise that I can move it pixel by pixel :blush:). I believe that is good compromise if the tool helps to snap by 1%. Anyway you can still enter as precise as you want - e.g. 1.0012589 see animation - and SU will accept as it is (at least within SU internal tolerance).

In some cases it does, see animation. Otherwise you are right. :wink:

Because length snapping using length, but Scale tool is basically driven by percentages.



All good points, and all true.

I have lots of fun entering scale factor sequences like 1.0001, -1.002, 1.001, -1.001 when I’m trying to get an aerial photograph or a property parcel boundary to adjust properly.

IMO 1% is not precise enough for detailed or critical work.
I’d really love a modifier key (ALT) to disable or toggle snapping.

Maybe should make this a feature request topic, but I wanted to make sure Im not missing something (a trick) first :slight_smile:

And enable snap to face.

I’m confused by the misleading statements you bring up here.
The ‘Scale’ tool may show increments too big to your tast. But you can input much smaller values in the ‘Measurements’ field. They are accepted that way.

Also at least the box center grips do snap to other geometry like endpoints, faces and also to guides.

Didn’t you know that you can type the desired scale dimensions as well:


See also
Scaling Your Model or Parts of Your Model | SketchUp Help

I do understand that I can enter a scale factor into the measurements input box.
I also know how to enter scale distances into the measurement input box.
And how to use the tape measure to scale groups and components.

All good tips.
But not quite solving the issue I often encounter when wanting to scale something “visually” (no pre-defined factor or distance).

Regarding snapping to Faces… I’ve been doing some testing and found that it does work - sometimes. Not always.
Check out this little model for an example - maybe you can get it to work?
Scale snap test.skp (53.6 KB)

:wink: Here we are.
Yeah, I know, it is not that way you wanted… :blush:
Seems there are some restriction what direction of faces can be used with what “direction” of scaling…


No I can not.
The lower object has a surface. Even with hidden geometry visible the center grip doesn’t snap to either the upper or the lower objects side faces. Only to unpredictable length edges (rounded tube corners).

Remedy: the ‘Line’ tool does snap to both mentioned faces, even with hidden geometry on → ‘On Face in Group#1 and …#9 Draw an antenna to then snap to its endpoint. To ensure the scaling operation to end on face.

Seems the scale grip isn’t as “face greedy” as the ‘Line’ tool.

Maybe you should, to make the tool more consistent to how the ‘Line’ tool works

Antenna - i like that term - is it official?

I use those a lot. Seems to be a unique feature/concept of SketchUp.

Nothing’s too difficult I suppose, but I’m always looking for little workflow improvements, particularly where they reduce the risk of errors

I’m working on a model right now (a large outdoor table) that I’m sending to a metal fabricator so I’m paying close attention to things that look snapped but actually aren’t. Group #1 and #9 are extracted from that model.

Earlier today I cleaned up a row of townhouses (not my model) that had all sorts of issues where walls, doors, etc were scaled to touch other things, but didnt quite snap to the desired object - I had to remodel 90% of that one from scratch.

Interesting…not sure it qualifies as a “solution” though :stuck_out_tongue:
Worthy of a bug report? and/or a nudge to Colin?

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