Length Snapping wont turn off

Hi all,

I’ve only recently been using 2016 after a 6 month hiatus from Sketchup and have noticed something annoying. Something I don’t recall happening in 2015.

I cant seem to turn length snapping off. Even when un-ticked the length snapping always seems to be tied to the unit precision setting. Is this normal behavior?
I seem to remember having my unit precision set to 1mm in 2015 and not having this problem of only being able to drag or draw entities at 1mm intervals. Its like having a constant grid snap on, which is annoying as hell.

I know I can change the precision setting to add more decimal places but I don’t recall ever having to do that before.

Is my memory faulty (I don’t have 2015 installed to check) or am I missing something?

Any advice would be great.


Merriam-Webster says:

2 a : the degree of refinement with which an operation is performed or a measurement stated

It’s the normal behaviour for very small objects, and things with 1mm lines should be thought of such small geometry. Work at a bigger scale and scale the object at the end of the process.

Hi benoldays, hi folks.

Window menu → Model info → Units



Thanks everyone.
I managed to use a copy of 2015 this morning on a colleges computer and the behaviour is indeed the same.
I guess I never noticed it before because I had not been modelling things at a small scale.
I have been modelling accurate 1:1 scale 2D building components to send and explode in layout as I plan to move to a full sketchup workflow in the near future.

After a bit of trial an error to establish a workflow that I enjoy & that produces the drawings I want to see I must say I am plesently supprised at the output.

Cant wait to see what has changed in the coming version.