How can I get length snapping < 1mm?


Hello folks,

I primarily use Sketchup to design prototypes for 3d printing. Most of my models are small mechanical components with tolerances in the ±0.02-0.1mm region. Right now, I’ve configured Sketchup to snap to 1mm increments (via the Model Info window). As far as I can tell, this is the smallest that Sketchup will snap to. I would really like to be be able to snap to 0.1mm increments though.

If there’s a way to make this happen, I’d love to hear it. Otherwise, please consider this a feature request.



You need to set the units to mm then you can set the snapping to anything you want.
However, be aware that sketchup has a tolerance threshold of around 1mm where it starts to have problems forming faces.
You would be better of working in meters then when finished scale down. Tiny faces can exist but can be problematic to form.


Well, I tried again and it worked this time. I’m used to the snapping length resetting itself to 1mm after I exit the Model Info window. Maybe there’s a small UI bug here.


Hi Hovissimo,
Length Snapping is useful for modeling a chessboard.
As for modeling the chessmen, it’s generally a hindrance.

If accuracy is important, turn Length Snapping OFF
Set Length Units - Precision to 0.000 or more.
Inference locking and entering dimensions via keyboard are the surest way to achieve accuracy with SU.