Wrong measurements and often "off grid"

Using Plan view in millimeter, trying to make a floor plan. It is often i find measurements are wrong… even though drawing a line and it “snaps in” to the “grid”. I often have to mega zoom and correct everything i do. :rage:

Turn length snapping off, it is the cause of your frustration. Most users leave it off all the time.

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Alright, thanks. And where is length snapping ? :slight_smile:

Are you using SketchUp Free (Web) as your profile indicates? If so, go to Model Info at turn it off.

I moved your thread to the SketchUp Free category.

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Thanks guys. Is setting it to 0 mm equal to “turn it off” ?

No. Setting to 0 mm means you don’t care if your dimensions fall in between full millimeters.

Unticking the box for Length Snapping turns Length Snapping off.

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This might be part of the frustrating confusion, there is no “grid” in any version of SketchUp. Edges and shapes are never strictly limited to any incremental units.

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SketchUp ‘s user interface was designed to pick pixels from the screen for starting and endpoints.
Unless you start at the origin to draw a line, it will pick coordinates very precisely (ie 1.0385, 2.4701 for startpoint and when moving the mouse along the red axe with length snapping enabled on 1mm will ‘snap’ to 2.0385, 3.0385, …,n.0385 etc. for endpoints)

Also, once you have some geometry in the model, the inference engine prefers to snap on existing end-, mid- and startpoints, as well as ‘on edge’ and ‘on face’.

So an edge with an odd length will have a midpoint that is not in that range or ‘grid’ of the lengthsnap.

In general, the user will determine the length (or other dimensions) by typing it after clicking for the startpoint and moving the mouse in a direction, thus there is no real need to turn it on.


Thats a grog for my brain :slight_smile:

Summa summarum… i had to redo a lot and are more careful when i draw lines

Thanks for all input

More grog for the brain: Best practice is generally to be typing in the dimensions of each element as you make it. Especially in the beginning, this produces an exact, organized model.

:beers: cheers.


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