Scaling of objects in viewport changing when toggling between raster and vector

Not something I’ve expoerienced before, but when I toggle between raster and hybrid rendering some elements are rescaling, but not all. Any ideas what’s going on? I want to keep my textures if I can to avoid having to redraw the boxes in LO.

How far is that part of the model from the origin? It looks like a graphics thing that can happen when the model is at a very large distance from (0,0,0).

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That was the issue Dave, thanks! No idea why my drawings were so far from the origin, that’s resolved the issue.

I’m glad that resolved it. Do you normally work with the axes not displayed?

Yes, I prefer not to see the axes while I’m working as it’s rare that I need to see them in the finished document. But now I’m aware of the issue, I’ll be sure to be more mindful to site my finished models near the origin.

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I think working with them turned off is like working on a site and not know where the property bounds are. You can end up doing work in the garden next door but one. :slight_smile: The axes are useful for keeping track of direction and distance while you are modeling. Even if you leave them displayed in the scenes in your model, they won’t be displayed in LayOut or in image exports or renders.

That’s useful to know. :+1:

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