Scale not holding if i switch from raster in Layout

i upload my drawing to layout the rendering is terrible until i switch from raster to hybrid this fixes my rendering but now the measurments are not correct example what was 6" now measures at 1/2"

Upload your layout file so we can have a look.

bars.skp (53.9 KB)

In addition to sharing the LayOut file please correct your forum profile. “2023” is not an operating system.

Why are these bars at an angle in the model space?

If you want to set a scale you need to first create a scene in SketchUp with the Camera set to a standard view (probably Top in this model) and Parallel Projection. There is no scene in the file you shared and the camera is set to Perspective.

See the example. I moved the two bars close to the orign and aligned them with the axes. I set up a scene with the camera set to Parallel Projection and Top view.
bars.skp (55.2 KB)
Bars.layout (95.1 KB)