Layout raster line scale

I had an issue before when I sent a Scene to Layout. The image was blurry so I changed the line scale from raster to hybrid. I tried doing that with my latest scene and I get these border lines surrounding it. Any idea why and how to fix?

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Your second screenshot indicates that the model is at a great distance from the origin relative to the size of the model. Move it to the origin and update the scene. Then save and update the model reference and that issue will go away.

where is this indication found? and why would it be a problem if its any specific distance away from origin?

Open the SketchUp model and look at where the model axes are compared to the model.

It is a graphics related thing. Easily fixed. You shouldn’t be placing your model that far from the origin in the first place.

Since updating my Sketchup and Layout to 2024, all lines are thick and blurry in sketchup, layout and even when I export them to PDF. What in the world is going on? I can’t present my plans to clients or builders etc…?! Help! xx

Are you able to share the files?