Layout Hybrid setting showes a wireframe with colours not bound in the drawing

I have been using Layout to create PDF for scenes.
For the first time when I change to hybrid (this seemed to be the best setting in the past for crisper PDF images) I seem to get a distorted image.


Vector has patches of lost colour


lines are not as crisp in a PDF.

I will try to upload the reduced SU file and the layout created
Farmall (Problem shadow).skp (1.7 MB)
Farmall (Problem shadow).layout (9.6 MB)
I think I may have alteres some sort of setting

I moved some of the pieces to the origin (for testing) and changing the rendering viewport type no longer affects the presentation of the model

It is recommended to create and keep your model as close as possible to the origin (0,0,0).

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Thank you mihai.s… My model uploaded only shows the first few scenes/components out of a very large model.
I tried it and it seemed to fix the issue in the sample mode.

It may not be able to look at the full model issue till tomorrow, however, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you in anticipation in case I forget to when I start getting bogged down in the detail with the large one…

It seems that in past models I kept it near the origin (without deliberation), however, this time because of the size, the build followed from the origiin to the right (moving the progressive assembly) till it finished up so far right.
Such a “simple fix” but you have solved in seconds what I have laboured at for hours.

Again I can’t thank you enough and greatly appreciate the assistance you guys on this forum provide… even to Not absolute newbies.


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On some of the woodworking forums I go by the moniker of “LittleBlackDuck”… so on his behalf,
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I’ve “centered” the model… Thank you.