Scaling Layouts w OSX doesn't scale or move properly,


Sketchup Pro 2016 → Layout,
Using Mac Air mid 2011, OS Sierra, 10.12.3(16D32)

I’ve sent a floor plan from Sketchup to Layout.
There are two features that frustrate.

  1. I can’t move the 2D image of my model in layout by simply dragging. If I use the select tool and select the entire page, then a small light blue pane shows, and I can awkward hover over an edge, and click, then slide the edge of the pane smaller to middle of page, and then hover over pane edge again to see the quad arrow and move the pane to the middle. Very awkward.
  2. I can’t easily scale by simply dragging the pane edge (instead I have to get the scale edge to appear (typically as I did above). Then side click on the scale edge, and select “scale” and then set the scale. This is very, very awkward as in some cased the feature I am interested in is zoomed out of sight beyond the edge of the pane. I then have to use a series of two arrow pane moves, and quad arrow pane moves to recenter the feature of interest. In some cases if the scale change required is many steps I have to do this hide and go seek effort on Layout, many, many times.

What do I need to set, on my Mac OSX layout menu such that moving to the image of interest is as simple as clicking on the area of interest and dragging to the center, and then scaling using the panes (or some other hidden feature.)

It’s difficult to tell from your description but it sounds like you are missing the fundamental step of creating scenes in SketchUp to show the part of the model you want to show. Do that first.

You can refine the location of the edges of the viewport in LayOut by dragging the. If you don’t want to make the model appear larger on the page uncheck the box for Preserve Scale before dragging the edges or corners of the the viewport. If you want the model to stay the same size on the page, check that box.

DO NOT double click on the viewport or otherwise open it to edit the SketchUp camera position as this will break the connection to the scene in SketchUp.

Hi DaveR,
thank you for your prompt reply. I think I’m good with creating and saving scenes, and also using last saved in sketchup.

Thanks for pointing out the “Sketchup Model” window, and the “Preserve Scale on Resize”. I did find that, and figured it would help. I’ll post a few screen shots of what I see, when I select the “Preserve Scale on Resize”.
See the following sequence, note that the last sequence is what happens after I uncheck “Preserve Scale on Resize” It’s amusing, but also frustrating to see the floor plan go somewhere else. Note I’m set for 11x17 paper.

Not quite.

You should be making a specific scene for your plan view, not using Last Saved. If you have a reason to edit the model and either save with a different active scene or with the camera in a different position, your viewport will change to reflect that.

It’s not surprising you get the result you do when you deselect the Preserve Scale checkbox because of the way you have modified the viewport to find the model.

In your second screen shot the scene shows as modified. You need to avoid modifying the scene in LayOut. Any changes to the scene should be done in SketchUp.

Good Info Dave. Thanks for driving the Scene!

So here’s what I was doing, and doing now to get to the right scene.

In Sketchup I created Scenes I wanted.
I updated scene, then saved model.
Then “Sketchup->File->Send To Layout”
In layout I didn’t see the scene.
So I was fumbling around with scale.
I had to select the viewport.
Do the scale shuffle, and get frustrated.

Instead I should have selected the viewport (is there a keyboard shortcut for this?), to reveal the large menu, and in that menu, I select “Scenes->Floor Plan”, or any other Scene.

Or I could select the Scene from the “Scenes:” selector in the “Sketchup Model” window.

I also see Clearly I could have selected the Scene from the Scene selector in the “Sketchup Model” window.

thanks Dave!!

Is there a key board shortcut for selecting the viewport?

What’s wrong with selecting the “Floor PLan” scene in the Scene drop down in the SketchUp Model window?

What do you mean by this. Select the correct scene in the drop down list. If the camera was set to Parallel Projection for the scene in SketchUp you’ll be able to select the desired scale in the list in the SketchUp Model window. If the model doesn’t fit in the viewport as desired, drag the edges of the viewport. DO NOT open the viewport to zoom the view. DO NOT allow the scene to become “modified”.

No. How would that work if there was one? Keep hitting the key until you get the scene you want?

Yes. Got it. Thanks !

I think one of the frustrations is that last saved ought to have opened to the last saved Scene in Sketchup.

Instead I see a blank page. Nothing in the viewport, until I select a specific scene. If I then go and select “last saved”, the last saved view in Sketchup is visible at a reasonable scale similar to what I was viewing in Sketchup.

See the following image? The viewport is not visible and nothing from Sketchup is visible. Layout at least ought to make the view visible that I was viewing in sketchup. The Last Saved view.

So to see the viewport I have to use select tool and drag overt the entire page from LEFT UPPER TO RIGHT LOWER, or drag over a portion of the page from RIGHT LOWER TO LEFT, before the viewport is visible.

Then the “Sketchup Model” window opens on a “(Modified) Last saved Sketchup View” and shows a blank page. However, I hadn’t modified. (in Layout, nor in Sketchup)
I have to select the from one of the “Scenes:” above in the list. If I select the “Last saved Sketchup View” then I see what I had just saved. Even thought I hadn’t modified anything. There in lies the frustration.

Then to see the 'Scene" I have to select the scene.

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It opens to the last saved view as its name implies. It would still ball things up badly if you save the file with a different scene active compared to the previous time it was saved.

Upon initially inserting the viewport, it will be set to “Last saved SketchUp view”. If the model is visible in that view, you should see it in the viewport. If you’ve screwed up the viewport in LO (it shows as modified or you’ve dragged the edges of the viewport so the model isn’t visible) you could have a blank viewport. As 've already written several times, make sure you don’t get the viewport showing the scene as Modified. Create a scene for each view you need in LO and don’t use the Last saved SketchUp view for any viewport.

This implies that the blank viewport is showing as modified in the SketchUp window. When you return to the unmodified Last saved scene, you go back to the last saved view.

This whole SketchUp to LayOut thing really isn’t all that difficult.

Create scenes in SU for each view you’ll need in LO.
Send the SU file to LO.
Select the viewport and change it to the desired scene.
Set the scale if appropriate.
Drag the edges of the viewport if needed to show the entire model. (I like to make the viewport fit tightly around the model if I can but it isn’t a real big deal if it’s larger.)
Select the viewport and copy it to the clipboard. Paste it on other pages and change each copy to the desired scene.

Never ever double click on a viewport or otherwise make it show as modified in the Scenes list.


much appreciated. Thanks!

Something about the way I used skechup “Send to Layout” results in a “(modified)” in layout being the default opening view.

SketchUp can’t create the modified scene in LO. Modified comes from doing things like changing the camera position in the viewport in LO and that requires opening the viewport or choosing Edit 3D view in the Context menu.


when you send to layout and Layout opens, do you immediately see the viewport?
When I select the viewport, is shows as “(modified)”

I start with LO closed. Completely, not running in the background.

In SU I “Send to Layout”. You can see the result in the image above. Layout opens, but there isn’t anything visible on the page. The process of selecting the viewport, by dragging arcoss it, must “Modify” it… That’s why I was asking for keyboard shortcut.

Yes. It is shown as the Last saved SketchUp view and is not modified.

Therein lies the rub. Something about my setup.

There was a time, when I sent to LO and I would see the view I last saved.
Without having to select it from the Scene selector.
No big deal, just a few extra steps.

Just odd that it opens as modified. Something about me dragging across the viewport and selecting it, results in “(Modified)”.

When I look at the “Edit” list to undo any modifications. I don’t see any edits.
What am I doing that is modifying the LO viewport?

How about sharing the LO file.