Scaling is different in 2017


For scaling, I used to be able to use the measuring tool to measure between two points and then tell it the measurement I actually wanted it to be. Now in 2017, I just creates a guide line and won’t allow me to scale. Please help. It’s a tool I use everyday. Or help me scale exactly another way. Thanks!


It still works as it always did. You need to click on endpoints or intersections at each end for resizing. If you are getting a guideline, you are clicking on an edge to start. If you are getting a guide point you are not clicking on the second endpoint.


thank you – i didn’t have to create guidelines to make physical end points before, i could just click twice and scale. but this works too. i appreciate the help.


You misunderstood what @DaveR wrote. You don’t have to create guide points or lines to do scaling unless there is no identifiable vertex at one or both of the points you want to use as reference. You just have to click on two vertices (endpoints or intersections) to tell SketchUp what two points are supposed to get the new size you then type.


Got it, thanks. Yeah, I was scaling a photograph, so there was nothing to actually click on.


Yes. If you’ve imported an image as an image, you would need to create those points. If you don’t want to place intersecting guidelines, just trace the line you’re planning to use with the Line tool. You’re probably going to draw that line anyway. Then click on its endpoints with the Tape Measure tool.


This is a new behavior. Previously I could scale in imported PDF without any lines.


This is not new behavior, toggle the guide on and off by taping ctrl to remove the little guide mark on the cursor before the first click.