My blueprint will not scale with tape tool


I am having issue’s scaling a blueprint. This is a revision of a previous plan I received, which I was able to scale without a problem. I understand you should be able to click on two points with the tape measure tool, type in the actual distance, and SketchUp will ask if you want to resize the model. I hit “yes” but the model does not scale or change in measurement at all. Any idea’s what might be causing this? It is a .dwg file.


Are you actually clicking on the two points?

Are you getting any sort of a message pop up?

If this is an imported dwg file, open the component before trying to resize with the Tape Measure tool.

Sharing the SketchUp file would help to avoid a lot of guessing. We could get right to the exact issue instead.

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Note that normally it is not necessary to scale your DWG after you have imported it. You just set the import unit in the Import Options dialog (behind the Options button on the Import File dialog) to the same unit that has been used when creating the DWG.


Hey Dave,

Thanks for the help! After exploading the component I was able to scale it no problem!


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