Importing and scaling CAD floor plan to required measurement


Im trying to import and scale a DWG CAD floor plan. I import in into Sketchup no problem. However I cant seem to enlarge it to the measurements I need. I’ve been using the tape measure tool as instructed on the help videos and manually inputting the value I need however it doesn’t seem to resize the floor plan. What an I doing wrong?

I’ve done this before and its worked?!



Make sure you are clicking at endpoints for the dimension you know. You must click on both of them. then just type the dimension it’s supposed to be and hit Enter. Don’t click anywhere else before that.

Thanks Dave. Yeah I think the CAD file seems to have hidden geometry or something. Sometimes it works sometimes not its weird.

Note that usually you can avoid this step altogether by selecting the correct drawing unit for import. You should select the same unit that has been used when creating the DWG or DXF in AutoCad or whatever the file comes from.


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