Scaling Help

I have follow all the tutorials regarding importing CAD files to sketch up. When I get the file into Sketchup I am unable to scale. I have used the measuring tool and made sure the units imported correctly. Is there a specific way that I need to save the CAD model space DWG to insure it imports correctly?


Have you tried Exploding the imported file, yet?

For some reason, some imported file come in wrapped up in a fashion that keeps the from acting like native SketchUp files. Running the Explode Command on them, and then assigning them into a Group/Component seems to give them the permission they need to act in a more expected manner.

The first thing to check is your import options (behind the Options button on the Import file dialog box). There you should set the import unit to the same unit that has been used in the CAD file. This should remove the need to scale your imported geometry afterwards.