Scaling camera issue

My boss loves to scale 1000x my 3d’s and when I scale them back down to render them with Lumion i can’t zoom into the 3D because there’s like a cut plane that makes the 3D cut after the camera please help how could I fix the issue

Sounds like when you scale down you miss something, so you end up with something a long way from the origin.
Attach your model and someone will check it.

But I purged the file and activated the view hidden objects and erased all of them yet for some reason it persists

All I can say is you are experiencing clipping. Search the forum for clipping and look at the various reasons and fixes.
Or attach your model and we take probably tell you why in a few minutes.

A rather important question would be, does your boss edit the models when they are scaled up, or just scales up to look at them?
If he edits things then you will have components that need to have their component definition set. If you right click on a component and there is the option to Reset Scale or Scale Definition then you have found one of the reasons.

yes he does modify them

It sounds like the model is not actually scaled back to it’s regular proportions or the scaling is not being respected by Lumion.
So you have a super huge model.