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Hi guys,

So currently I’m trying to build a city model and I’m running into the same issue I had years ago which prevented me from continuing with it. For some reason when I download city models from the Warehouse, they can both be massive and built to real world scale and still work perfectly and when I zoom, none of the model disappears unexpectedly. Unfortunately, whenever I try this, it crops whatever is at the front of view by about 40% to just show the Background.

The image is what happens in mine when I try to get close to my objects.

I’ve uploaded my model here

This is a similar size model but none of the clipping seems to be effecting it:

Any ideas? Thanks guys!


Search for “clipping”. It has to do with the overall size of the model and the position of the camera.


Done, thank you. I was suggested to change the Field of View but that didn’t seem to work. I assume it has to do with the scale of the model but this doesn’t seem to be an issue for other users.

I’ve tried placing my model over the other people’s models and scaling them down to being exactly their size but nothing seems to be possible to fix it. Do you know if there’s a step when first creating the model that I could be missing?


I’m not sure what you are getting at. Whenever you draw a model, use the actual dimension of the real thing. If you are downloading models/components from the 3D Warehouse, be aware that they aren’t always drawn to the correct size. It’s a good idea to open assets you get from the 3DWH in a separate file to chech them before adding them to your own model.


Sorry, I’m not fully sure how to explain it. Hopefully this will help.

I’ve uploaded my model here

This is a similar size model but none of the clipping seems to be effecting it:


As I said, your model covers too large of an area so when you zoom in on the cars, you get the clipping issue.

I had no idea that Gotham City was so large. Your map image is 612 miles wide by about 1050 miles long. The narrow dimension of a single city block is about 8 miles and the cars are nearly a half mile long.


Woops, okay thanks so much for taking a look at that! Also, bonus for making me laugh at myself so much! Until recently I’ve been using Sketchup for pretty limited projects and this is the biggest thing I’ve ever tried (not off to a great start but fixing it now). Thank you again :smiley:


At the risk of stating the obvious, you know you can edit the scale without redrawing using the tape measure tool, right? No need to abandon the work already done.


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