Viewport Clipping Issues

How do I make this stop happening? The closest I can get to anything is about 30’. My model is dead on the axis intersection.

This is called ‘camera clipping’ , click ‘zoom extents’ button to fix it. (Or move your model closer to origin)
Check this article for more info: Clipping and missing faces

I did everything instructed on that page and it didn’t change anything.

Are you in perspective or 2 point perspective?

Allowing us to work with the model would help us help you, if you’re at liberty to share the file.

In perspective. Pro Field of view 30 degrees. Model is too big to share.

[quote=“Designbuild_Sandiego, post:6, topic:45157”]
Model is too big to share.
[/quote]You can upload to 3D Warehouse and share the link here.

Too big even for the 3D Warehouse.

I’ll delete some things and save a stripped down model so you can see it.

Actually, deleting the large-scale things fixed the clipping. I drew a plane out 15000’ to simulate the ocean. I’d like that to show in the renderings. How can I do that without the clipping? I can work in it for now, but I would want to add the ocean in for the renderings as it’s an ocean-front house.

And now it isn’t clipping even with the full ocean plan in there. Go figure.

Thank you for your responses. The model seemed to fix itself after I saved a version to export. Guess it got jealous and decided to act right.

How about using an image as a backdrop (vertically)? Or, if you just want a blue plane stretching to infinity, make the ground in your style blue.

I have similar problem. Only slightly different. All works perfect until I activate the group i want to work in only then clipping starts. (version 17.1)

There is probably something in the group (leader text, hidden edges…) that is far away from origin.
Make the group a component and save as (right click), then investigate the component file, to see what is bothering, (zoom extends, turn hidden geometry on, check model info, etc )
When done, reload the component by the edited file

There is no harm done in updating your version to 17.2

Thanks for the tip. It did not solve the problem but is an nice way to work anyway. So very useful tip.
I found something on Youtube and that helped a bit I have changed the camera’s view angle to 15 in stead of 35 and that made working better

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