Model Clipping Issues

This has been discussed previously, but that thread has since been locked. I’m having similar clipping issues because of large scale objects. The OP’s issue of the locked thread stated it got fixed by itself, so I tried to replicate the steps he/she took as stated in the thread (provide below) and it has not solved the issue.

I’m trying to replicate the ocean and I like the look of it within SketchUP. The inner radius of the large scale object depicting it is 1,200’ and outer radius is approx. 52,000’. I’ve tried two-point perspective, but that didn’t solve the issue. Field of view is 35 degrees, which I want to retain. I have considered using an image as a backdrop, but I don’t like the look of images within SketchUP. They are too lossy/fuzzy and not crisp. Are there any other options that I can employ within the program, that can be modeled?

Link to past thread:

Image below:

Any help with this is much appreciated. Thanks!

You probably don’t need the ocean to nearly 20 miles in diameter. From the look of your screen shot, I expect you could just use a rectangle placed vertically behind the model. Maybe even a watermark image would suit.

If you share the .skp file we could give you some better help.

Please also complete your profile with SketchUp version, operating system and graphics card. (“Architecture” is not a graphics card.) That information is useful in being able to help you.

Thanks for your response. Sorry about the missing profile information, have corrected that just now. I’ll try to add a vertical plane instead and see if that works. I have tried using the watermark feature before, but since I have a bunch of scenes that I would like to export as an animation, I don’t that watermark to show in every one of them. Additionally, some scenes are low angle shots and others are high and the watermark feature doesn’t sync with them, it’s just stays static on SketchUP’s horizon. As for sharing the model, I will have to talk with my colleague and find out if she’s comfortable in doing that.

I’ll try the vertical plane and see if that works.

The watermark is a style setting. You can use a different style for those scenes with the watermark and those without.

Right I can try that too.

It looks like the vertical plane works! Thanks for your help and input.

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