Scaling a drawing using imported pdf and Tape Measure

Long time occasional user. However, for years I have a recurring problem when I want to rescale a drawing, using the tape measure method to rescale based on an imported pdf. Have reviewed available postings and have tried clicking two points, hovering the second point, delineating using guides, making a group of the pdf, identifying the pdf boundaries with guides, making the pdf a group,
Mantua M2 anchor scaling.skp (1.9 MB)
but am unable to dependably rescale.

Have attached a example of an .skp I have not been able to rescale.

take your tape tool (default shortcut : “T”)
left click once on the beginning of the, let’s say, A dimension, once again on the end of it and type in the desired value (for example for the 8 lbs version : 20 inches) and hit enter to validate.
It will ask you if you want to resize the model, say yes

Demonstrating what Paul described. Make sure you are clicking at both intersections.

Finally realized my problem was trying to rescale with option (+) enabled on the Tape Measure, somehow that wasn’t clear to me.

a follow on issue, Playing with the best way to create anchor flukes composed of 3 folded surfaces, all 3/16 inch thick, to be “painted” my problem is after 2 folds, 1 20 deg, 1 45 deg, I have joint lines (edges) at the fold points that I can’t eliminate with smoothing, want to remove them.

220306 lewmar 44# anchor V2.36.skp (343.6 KB)

thanks for the assistance

I always have the enabled but as I showed in my animation, I set up intersections to click on for the resizing. Without those intersections or a couple of endpoints, you need to turn off that option. I like the way I did it because it’s the same whether I’m resizing an image or reszing a model.

The edges creating triangles are due to the face that the edges defining the “rectangles” aren’t coplanar. It’s the milk stool thing. In order to eliminate those diagonals you need to get the bounding edges in the same plane.

What’s your plan for the Sketchup model? How will you use it?

good question, being retired, as you, have acquired a new sailboat, a Jeanneau 410 Performance, my “last boat” ?,

Love the boat, the bowsprit, and the anchor are fine, but when mooring lines are on the fore cleats, in high winds, the lines can snag the point and flukes of the anchor, causing a violent shear. I need to run the mooring lines above the anchor or provide a device to keep the lines from going above the tip of the anchor. Thus want to design a solution. So first want to model the Lewmar #44 anchor, a bit difficult as the flukes are in three planes.

Hope your retirement is going well

Thank you. Retirement, such as it is, goes well. My uncle, a “retired” farmer in Iowa said being retired is getting up in the morning with nothing to do and going to bed with only half of it done. I used to laugh about that but I don’t anymore.

Understood on the anchor and the moring line. With no intent to talk you out of modeling the anchor, I wonder if it wouldn’t make sense to put a fairlead out on the end of the bowsprit. If you use an open fairlead you can drop the mooring line into it after you’re hooked on.

Am considering that. Saw an old bowsprit design down in Essex that did that, also considering dynema loops off the bowsprit as an updated option, was also thinking a roller on the kicker down to the bow might do the job as well. Jeanneau or the designer is not responding although all owners on the Facebook group know this is an issue.

If the two flukes are coplanar, and I bend them, will they have the dotted line again? believe that’s the essence of my problem?

It depends on how you ben them. If you draw a line across the surface and use that as the axis of rotation you should be fine but I would do that from a 2D face not a 3D thing. Make it 3D after you’ve bent it. An extension like Fredo6’s Joint Push/Pull from Sketchucation makes that easier.

Dave thanks for the input. Never found a proper bend solution, just created pieces, reset axes and bended 3d pieces and corrected the edge overlaps. per the attached, still have problems with behavior of edges, dotted edges and softening. as well as I’ve been able to get it.

sketchup is such an enjoyable time suck, but back to the mooring line problem.
220306 lewmar 44# anchor V2.40~.skp (342.3 KB)

Like a boat but cheaper.

getting a bit better
220313 lewmar 44# anchor V2.42 w shank.skp (260.6 KB)


Looks pretty good.