Scales wrong when specifying distance

When I scale this component by dragging everything works fine. But if I drag and then type a balue in the VCB it goes all wrong.
Anyone know why?

HuckFencePicket.skp (60.5 KB)

there is a know issue (“bug”) with scaling and editing to a new value for DCs, to resolve the problem, right click the DC then select dynamic component, then redraw.

[quote=“huckrorick, post:1, topic:6369”]
…But if I drag and then type a balue in the VCB it goes all wrong.
[/quote] Not for me. I drag the middle green handle on one side to arbitrary length, then type the desired value and [Enter]. The length is correct after an instand redraw (i.e. without any rightclick to “tell” SU to redraw!).

(Win7 / SketchUp Pro 2015)

true for the first time, but the edit does not,. try scale, or measure (units) then change your mind and enter another value, the object does not update correctly without a redraw

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You are right. I was only paying attention to the overall length (which works just fine) and didn’t see that the spacing between pickets didn’t redraw correctly. I made only various small length changes to the fence to accurate known lengths. But that didn’t reveal te bug.
Good one!

Although this is of some concern for multi - editing scaled DCs, It should be noted that if one moves the scale in the desired direction without releasing (left clicking) then type either the distance with units or the scale then it works,

its the editing that causes problems

I wonder why you don’t have the problem?

I tried it many times. Right clicking and redraw fixes it, but otherwise the problem persists.

As you can read I don’t have a problem with the correct overall length. But yes, the spacing between individual pickets not corrects itself untill after redrawing the component.