DC altering slightly upon redraw. Help




I have encountered a rather annoying issue with one of my DC’s.
After much troubleshooting I cannot seem to fix it. I am now at the point where I am wondering if the DC is over constrained.

I can scale the parent accordingly, insert child. Copy the items no problem.
The issue arises when I choose to replace component from the component window.
When I hit redraw the item alters in height by approx 50mm (give or take 20mm) every time.

I have tried for hours to troubleshoot what the issue may be but to no avail.

Please can someone help me out on this?

See below for screen shots,

I want to replace the larger item with the smaller one.

I now need to invoke a redraw to allow the custom data attributes to update to the copied components.

Redraw invoked - Component alters slightly.

The value above should be the same as the original - as below. But it is not. And it is paining me as to why?!
I have a redraw all button on my tool bar but cannot use it as the hinge braces are altering slightly. Doh!


Dynamic "chevron" component. Dynamic panel made of diagonal planks

likely a out of sync scale issue, can you share the file?


Hi, yes please find attached. The SHS brace is inserted into the brace guide component.

The issue does not occur if I replace out the brace guide only, but as soon as the shs brace is inserted I get the resize problem.

X_Brace_Guide_Dynamic.skp (27.3 KB)
X_SH_H.skp (265.8 KB)


Its worth noting i’m reasonably new to DC’s. So the formulas and references may not be water tight. Apologies if it’s all rather cluttered in there. Either way, feedback would be appreciated.



what is the hidden square in the guide for?


I found that when I was copying the brace more than once, it was causing the DC hinge brace to break upon insertion if I scaled any of the brace guide copies.

By including the square it allowed each copy to automatically become unique and seemed to remedy the issue.
It may just be a bad work around, but it seemed to work for that problem.