Dynamic Hinge Component


I am currently working on producing a dynamic component for a hinge brace. It is a component I frequently use on projects as high level structural ties.

There is still a way to go but I am experiencing one or two issues that seem to be preventing the component from working properly.

I am currently driving the component off of the Y and Z dimensions taken from the ‘x_Welded hinge#1’ axis as this provides me with the height x length dimensions required to have the items fabricated (hinge bolt centre to centre). The problem I am having is when I input the dimensions, the box section ‘start’ position is moving away from where I would like it defined(centre point of the hole on articulated hinge part)

I believe it is something to do with the axis points set within the component levels but I really think I need some advice on this.

I haven’t done much in the way of dynamic components previously so please bare with me!

Please find example brace attached.

thanks in advance!

Ashleybrace two.skp (565.8 KB)

Any help on this matter would be hugely appreciated… as it is I am a bit stuck!


I am not an expert in DCs but what I can see is the you have nested components. My (limited) experience with DCs is that sub-components make the model behave weirdly.

You don’t seem to have set any user inputs so I am not sure what the variables are.

If you combine the relatively small number of queries on this forum about DCs with the fact that they can be hard to construct successfully, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that they have not been a totally successful addition to SU’s functionality. Also, it is notable that the facility has not been updated since original introduction, which suggests to me that interest in it at Trimble HQ has evaporated. That’s my prejudice anyway and I’m sticking to it!

Thank you for responding. I will see If I can bring all components to the top level and see if the brace will work as required.

I was hoping that I could get away with the dynamic component as a solution to my problem but as you say, there has been talk of inherent issues with DC’s on the forum since I started using it.

I think I am almost there…

I made the box-element a separate component. You would only need rotation and length.
I always draw Triangles for simple checking the calculated length etc.

Hinges.skp (792.4 KB)


Hey Mike, “almost there”
just a slight adjustment to starting position
Think i fixed your model, you did the bulk of the work, I tried last night and gave up after an hour
The reversed or flipped axis upset me, I’m glad you were able to succeed, I tried to be too smart and make it like you would do a bi-fold door…nest within nest and switch the rotations

Hinges2.skp (556.6 KB)

Simon is incorrect about the nesting, do as much as you want, however try to place axis in the same direction, helps especially if there is more than one rotation. You probably over worked it with setting every rotation, position and size, a lot are not required… However there a many positive steps in your modelling.


Argl! I was focusing on the other end and did not notice!

Hinges.skp (791.2 KB)

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Easy done, especially when trying to figure another work, I gave up before

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Fantastic! Thank you Mike. And thank you pcmoor too. It is working just as I was hoping it could. A serious amount of time saved with having this dc available.

On some projects I may have to have 50 variations of the same brace.

Again thank you

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Thank you for your response. I was wondering if I had over worked some of the components, but I did not have another point of reference to suggest otherwise.

I appreciate the work you have carried out on this!

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give Mike ( Jack de Moel) the tick, he did the most work

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thanks, done.:ok_hand:

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