Dynamic Hinge Brace - Using 'Brace_Guide' as parent - Its Alive!


A good bit of work has gone into developing the attached brace, and it is now at a point where I have issued it to use on projects. It has even gone so far as to auto populate excel spreadsheets for the fab drawings, based off the gen report data. It has improved the departments work flow greatly. All-be-it after a fair bit of troubleshooting and bug fixing.

One of the guys today who took two hours to import a first set of braces replaced with the new components in 9 minutes…

I have had a great deal of help off the nice folks on this forum and I would like to thank all who helped.

If anyone is interested how it works, feel free to have a go with the attached.

The brace guide should be inserted as the parent and scaled to the desired position, then click into this component, drag and drop the hinge anywhere into space, and voila!

I have set up a report template for certain attributes within the DC and everything is working well.


Brace_Guide_Dynamic.skp (15.4 KB)
SHS_H.skp (257.6 KB)

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