Changing orientation of dynamic component axes without blow up - Is there a simple way?

Hi All,

I am a fair way into creating a library of dynamic components to use. Unfortunately for me, I have produced the most complex DC to use the Y axis as its ‘length’.
Whilst all the other dc’s I have produced use the X axis as their ‘length’.

Can anyone help me get out of this frustrating situation - Is there a fairly simple way to convert all formula work to follow the new orientation? i.e all data input to follow the new X direction.

Currently - and it figures - if I change the axis and then interact with the dc, it blows up.
But to manually change all the data is proving to be such a chew.

As previously, any help is greatly appreciated. Im fairly new to working with the dc functionalities.

I attach the working model for reference.


Dynamic Hinge Brace 1.5.skp (392.8 KB)