Inconsistent scale issue with DCs not redrawing

Every time I start to incorporate Dynamic components significantly I get so baffled by the inconsistent behavior I experience that I end up throwing in the towel and abandoning them. But it’s such an alluring idea that a few months later I end up trying again, it’s a cycle of confusion and disappointment.

I am back at it again today, trying out a dynamic stud wall, several actually. Some redraw themselves after a scale, some require manually choosing redraw, sometimes a scale operation succeeds, sometimes it reverts to a random size. I can find no consistent logic. The Preloaded SketchUp dynamic wall is the most stable one I can find but unfortunately it will only resize in whole inch increments, which makes it pretty useless.

Is there a secret to getting DC’s to redraw automatically, or is there a way to batch redraw many DC at the same time? I have a shortcut set but it’s still tedious.

Anyone found a good working stud wall DC they could point me to?

I thought that I had posted a code snippet that would add a Redraw All DCs menu item.
I’ll have to do a forum search and see if I can find it.

EDIT (a few mins later and a quick search in this category): I think this is it …

I think the incremental size is controlled by rounding one of the dynamic attributes. See:

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