'Fixed' dimensions of a DC still change on scaling


I have created a simple Dynamic Component (DC), with fixed thicknesses for the sides and a user defined width for the base. However, there are a few issues:

  • The option for the User to enter the width does not show up in the Component Options (except when I exit the model and restart SketchUp)
  • When I do enter a new width for the unit, the thicknesses of the side walls changes proportionally and are not fixed, even though in the Component Attribute window they are ‘fixed’.

Unexpanded unit:

Unit with increased Width:

This shows the increased ‘thickness’ of the sides, which in theory should be fixed. I am assuming that I have done something incorrectly in the construction of the DC, but I can’t work out what - any thoughts?



the red # shows errors, these need to be repaired, try =60 without the units etc
can you post the DC file