Trouble with a dynamic component_fixed

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is safe and healthy in these strange times…

I’m facing a problem with a DC i’m creating for my job. It’s a Skylight that’s adjustable in length (Y-axes).

So far i’ve managed to get the all the elements in de DC to move along in size and the glassplates copy themselves close to the predefined, desired dimension.

The problem occurs whenever i typ in an atypical dimension… The DC works at 100cm, 200cm, 300cm, … But when i enter something in between like for example 150cm or 275cm, the little profile that needs to hold up the glass plates won’t follow the correct location. (See pictures for the example)

DC_Rooftop window.skp (684.6 KB)

I’ve been looking for two days now to fix this issue and i’ve ran out of ideas… I hope someone can help me out… It’s frustrating because that’s the final piece of the puzzle to complete this DC :smiley:

Thanky for your time and stay safe ya’ll!

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fix.skp (908.9 KB)

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Hi Pcmoor,

Thank you so much with this fix! My headaches are finally gone!

Kind regards Fre