Bug: Scale w/ Precision and Dynamic Component Options Window don't sync

Here’s the setup:

  1. Create a dynamic component - doesn’t matter what it is - just give it height width and depth attributes and make the attributes editable by the end user.
  2. Check that the width changes when the dimension is changed using the dynamic components options window.
  3. Now the bug: Use the scale tool and change the width to a precise number like 2 feet… The component resizes to 2 feet BUT the options window does not update.

Anyone have a workaround that will still allow dynamic components and scaling with precision?

This bug has been around since the beginning - when you use the Scale Tool and enter values in the Measurements box, the DC does not get redrawn. You have to force a redraw from the user interface. This is most noticeable when you have sub-components which are meant to maintain their dimensions but get stretched by the Scale tool until redrawn.

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Does anyone here know if the event of scaling with precision can trigger a ruby script to force a redraw of the dynamic component? I am looking for a workaround.

The functionality of scaling with precision is very useful in my work as a cabinetmaker because it allows me to resize the cabinet in a specific direction not just away from the dynamic components axis.

In the Ruby API one can cause an “Observer” to notice when an entity is modified. However, the Observer system in SketchUp is fragile, and redrawing during an event handler is one of the things very likely to cause a fatal crash.

To further document the bug:

A trait of this bug I had not noticed before is that it only happens when scaling with precision after the scale has been completed and a new precise value is entered in the VCB. Entering a precise value while the scale is active works as expected with a redraw. Is this an improvement over the bug in the past?