Scale tool, snap point rectangle to line

With the Scale tool, in example A, I can snap the plane to a guide line.
In example B, I fail to snap the point of a rectangle to a guide line.

Am I overlooking something? Or is this not possible with Scale tool?

Example A

Example B

Thatā€™s not possible, I donā€™t really know why but when you scale from the corners the snapping doesnā€™t works, maybe some developer or someone who knows how does the tool works could explain why the behavior is different. Anyways itā€™s not something that affects much on my workflow, there are a lot of ways of scaling an object with precision.

Shift (just as an idea that it canā€¦ sort ofā€¦ butā€¦)

For accuracy

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  • (first example) Holding [Shift] is not an option, it may easily result in a slightly inaccurate snap on the guide. (the scale corner is on the guide but may widen the rectangle too much or too less)
  • (second example) Creating intersections with a diagonal guide prior to using the ā€˜Scaleā€™ tool snaps the scale corner accuratly to the created intersection, one on each side of the rectangle.
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