Scale Plan with a Plan registry office




I’m novice on SketchUp and I would like find a good scale of my plan for start my work on it. I don’t understand why the tool of “tape measure” is purple. I have a message error and I can’t resize with the good distance between two points guide, the mouse cursor of tape measure become on the area dimension… I imagine that the reason is quite simple but I need some help :slight_smile:

  • I search 142.70 meters between the two points guide

This video is the operation but I have a difficult…


Scale plan Abbaye .skp (979.0 KB)

October 9, 2018 (Europe: Paris), October 8, 2018 (America: Los Angeles)

I’ll do my presentation on the forum ! Big hello from Paris

Thank you :upside_down_face:





Francois, je n’ai pas bien compris votre probleme. Veuilez le repeter en francais, s’il vous plait?


Thank you John this is exactly what I try. But I have a error message :smile:

Simon, j’essaie de faire ce que John fait dans sa réponse. Quand je rentre la valeur (142.7m) entre les deux points guide voilà le message d’erreur :


I complete 142m but when I put 142.7 I have this message. My units of measure is : 50


When I entered the decimal value => “Invalid length entered”


Try 142,7 instead of 142.7. It appears your system uses , instead of . as decimal separator.


Man, thank you very much lol it was very simply :sweat_smile::laughing:


J’ai eu un autre probleme que je ne comprends pas bien. Je n’arrivais pas a trouver le point guide a l’intersection des deux lignes guides sans cacher l’image. Apres ca, tout c’est passe bien!


Merci pour ton aide simoncbevans :slight_smile:


De rien.