Su 22 scaling with tape measure on Mac... has something changed?

I used su for a long time but took a break since 2020. I have SU22 version. opened up a file to work on. scale is wrong so I try to rescale model with tape measure tool. not happening. so embarrassed!!! I am measuring a topography. Each step should be a foot but is only measuring 5". I open tape measure, measure the step, type in 12 instead of 12 and it gives me a line at 12" but doesn’t ask me to rescale model. I have watched 15 videos on YouTube and read the instructions over and over again and I am obviously missing something.

I just used the scale tool and scaled by 2.4 but it is making mea. bit batty that I can’t use the tape measure tool

If the terrain is a group or component try opening it for editing and then try scaling…

Also, I think you always need to measure one endpoint to an endpoint

Measuring from here to here would work

but measuring edge to edge or midpoint to midpoint does not.

Just make sure you are using the tape in the right place, this catches people out.


ok. I was measuring from line to line not point to point. when I did measure point to point I get this dialog box.

Is what you want to resize a group or component? Did you open the group or component for editing before using the tape measure?

If this is the only thing in your model then accept it. If it is not, you need to edit the group / component first and then use the tape measure.

Perhaps also go here:

That message is very clear and not new in SketchUp 2022. It’s been around for years. If you imported or loaded components from an external source they won’t be scaled when the rest of the model is. You can explode the component(s) and remake them to resize the entire model including those components. If you open a component/group for editing and use the Tape Measure tool to resize it, only that object will get resized.

thanks Dave, yes indeed the message is very clear. I always built my topographies in Sketchup and so was unfamiliar with the message. thank you for the reminder to explode then in order to resize them. cheers!