Length / Scale / Measure / Tape Measure issues

I am half way through a free trial of SketchUp and I am planning to take out a full licence.
I have imported some CAD data which was provided by my measured surveyor and is also being used by my architect (in AutoCAD). The surveyor provided the data in a scale which he told me was mm but when I look at , say, a line that I draw in SketchUp of around 300 cm long the length given in the dialogue box (bottom left) is about 4 million ’ (ie single comma) and is currently unusable. Can anyone help?

When you draw a line that is actually 300 cm long, what does it measure? It should show as 300 cm.

Do you know how to draw a line that is exactly 300 cm long in SketchUp?

It sounds to me as if you might have imported the CAD file with the wrong units selected. Did you click on Options in the Import pane and choose the units?

And to what do you have Units set in Window>Model Info>Units?

Hi Dave

You are a superstar. I re-imported the CAD data and changed the units from km to mm and it worked.

Thanks so much. I will buy you a virtual pint!!


Km to mm? If I remember from school, there’s a pretty substantial difference. :smiley:

Thanks for the virtual pint. It’s only 9:00 am here but my mouth is virtually watering.



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