Scale/measure DWG/DXF export problem

Hey guys,

just one (hopefully) easy problem with skp. I draw & build for example a box 40 x 20 meters in sketchup. Then I save as a dwg file, to laserprint it for a physical modell in any scale.
Problem is when I open the file in Autocad the box is 40.0756 x 20.0756m, for example. What happend with the measures?

I am in parallel projection :slight_smile:
and DWG export options are on “full scale 1:1”

thanks guys :slight_smile:

fixed it :slight_smile:

It would be nice if you would share what you did to fix it so that others can benefit.

I checked the export options another time, then checked my modell. Seems the ar problems in my modell. Some stories floors were moved, so in a 2D export for autocad it looked like the box got bigger.